This site - under construction - is called Peregryn ultimately because of a Spanish monk who once answered the door to me. It was a cold February night somewhere in the north of Spain. I had found the monastery door and rung the bell, and I was standing outside the enormous ancient wooden door, listening for any sign of life . Eventually there were footsteps. They came nearer. They stopped, and the door creaked open, and there in the darkness was a small monk beaming at me. ‘¡Peregrina!’ he said. It is the Spanish for pilgrim. 

So this is a Scottish variation. Curiouse is a commonplace book or silva rerum, gathering together a miscellany of things: rpoems, links, references. Peregryne has accounts mostly of my wanderings. Unproffitable collects recipes and other things to keep track of or consult. Questionis is for sermons.