Adventures in Edinburgh

Subliminal Advertising

Number Fifteen

Number Fifteen
Winter morning at a fine Edinburgh address.

Two Edinburghs

It was a beautiful morning in Edinburgh so I decided to buy the city. For the buyer’s convenience it comes in two parts, Old and New. Here they are about to be wrapped up.
Hyslop prints

These are prints by Jane Hyslop. Actually they come in three parts, the third being the Nor Loch, which I took south a couple of years ago. I like the mixture of blueprint and map and landscape in them all, especially the green hills around the New Town’s straight lines. They remind me of this:

On the forenoon of the second day, coming to the top of a hill, I saw all the country fall away before me down to the sea; and in the midst of this descent, on a long ridge, the city of Edinburgh smoking like a kiln. There was a flag upon the castle, and ships moving or lying anchored in the firth; both of which, for as far away as they were, I could distinguish clearly; and both brought my country heart into my mouth.

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