Alto Pecco

Haddon Hall

To St Peter Fairfield, on a mission. Fairfield is in Buxton and Buxton is in the Alto Pecco, or High Peak. Alto Pecco is what the High Peak is called in the Latin used for labelling prebendaries’ stalls, which is perhaps a sub-dialect of Latin proper: but I feel it lends the area a certain Tuscan atmosphere, an atmosphere immediately confiscated again by the weather.

BiplaneSt Peter has an east window which is a memorial to those of the parish who were killed in the First World War. Do not rush to see it: it is about to be removed for cleaning and it will not be back in place until 11 November. But then you will be able to see the biplane, possibly the first ever stained-glass biplane, and an innovative addition to the Crucifixion scene (roughly at knee-level).

East window with biplane

Also, for and indeed in the convenience of the clergy and choir, St Peter has Cassock Hooks.

Helpful notice

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