An Italian Alphabet: A-P

An Italian Alphabet: R
An Italian Alphabet: E-Z


is for Aber.

‘Aber du bist so unkompliziert!’

said Johanna to me. Johanna runs the Pension Briol. She is the great-great granddaughter of the person described to me as the Ur-Grossmutter. She thinks I am unkompliziert because I am prepared to walk uphill for ten minutes with a rucksack. She little knows.

However, everyone is to remember that I am unkompliziert, especially when they suspect I might not be.

spot the waymark

spot the waymark


is for Precipitous. When you are clambering up a perpendicular slope above a waterfall in a ravine along a zigzagging path, that is Precipitous, and in these circumstances your best friend is the tenaciously-rooted Pine tree.

Incidentally, my map-reading is not shocking. It is the map. North is not at the top, it is two-thirds of the way up the right-hand edge. It is Perfidious. It is not to blame for the path, though, that was waymarked. By squirrels.

The clouds have come down low and the weather is breaking. Tomorrow is a good day to catch lots of trains to Siena.


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