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Relics of Old Decency

You see the good Irish linen napkins here? These are relics of old decency. But what are relics of old decency? They appear in Ulysses:   But when my mother so describes her napkins she is quoting her father, and he, although roughly contemporary with Joyce, was a minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church and on […]

Con pan y vino

Derby Diocesan Conference, Monday 17 November 2014 (Compline meditation), on this reading  We have a moment now to reflect on the day, and on the story of the road to Emmaus. Towards the end of this evening’s talk we were thinking about the importance of eating together. The story offers us that. And about the importance of silence. I don’t […]

St George for England, St Pancras for Scotland

This is the finest rubric I have ever encountered, and perhaps the finest rubric ever. Even at Westminster Abbey the Queen does not – as far as I know – ‘enter, drawn by miniature model engines’. In Derby, where trains are still built, we have been celebrating 175 years of the railway industry. The first train […]

Walk the Derwent

The River Derwent flows into the Trent south-east of Derby. To walk backwards up the river, or rather (a risk assessment suggests) to walk forwards upstream, the walker resident in Derby takes the train to Long Eaton. From here she may easily reach the Trent and Mersey Canal. In the flat lands of the floodplain, the canal […]

Tables, trams, tapestry

To Edinburgh to move some furniture. The flat is between tenants and I wanted to swap the kitchen table that’s been there for a more robust version. The one I’m taking south is one my father spotted in a piratical Edinburgh antique shop, an oval gate leg table with barley-sugar legs. Excitements of Edinburgh 1: […]