Florence, It’s a Lovely Morning

Mysteries of the Heptarchy
What I have learned II

Summer! A lovely morning to clean out the fridge.

[photo suppressed]

A fine morning to admire the garden furniture (just visible in the shade).

garden with furniture

Trousers of the Lord LieutenantA beautiful morning to go to the Cathedral, put on three layers of extra clothing and celebrate Florence Nightingale. For it is International Nurses Week and the Cathedral has been given a plaque to commemorate Florence, a Derbyshire woman. Months of planning have brought us here, most of which time has been spent in training very senior members of Chapter not to refer to the subject of the plaque as Florence McNightingown. The Administrator, meanwhile, has taken to calling her Flo. Came the day, and a detachment of nurses marched to the Cathedral, arriving with perfect timing just as the procession swept forward. Canons wore copes. Nurses should have worn capes, but it was a hot day, and besides in the modern profession the capes would be blue polyester. The Lord Lieutenant wore his best trousers. The Hospitals Choir sang ‘How Can I Keep From Singing?’, a question that remains unanswered. And then we all went home to sit in the garden.



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