St George for England, St Pancras for Scotland

The Chevalier
Walk the Derwent

All standThis is the finest rubric I have ever encountered, and perhaps the finest rubric ever. Even at Westminster Abbey the Queen does not – as far as I know – ‘enter, drawn by miniature model engines’. In Derby, where trains are still built, we have been celebrating 175 years of the railway industry.¬†The first train to arrive in Derby was run by the Midland Counties Railway¬†from Nottingham on 30 May 1839. For the first train to arrive in the Cathedral, we designated the west end, under the tower, as Nottingham, and ran the track up the centre aisle. Someone blew a whistle; the Dean waved a green flag (produced after a last-minute hunt in the vestments cupboard). After the organ voluntary (Coronation Scot by Vivian Ellis), excursions were run up and down the aisle.



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