Tables, trams, tapestry

Walk the Derwent
Lammas loaf

To Edinburgh to move some furniture. The flat is between tenants and I wanted to swap the kitchen table that’s been there for a more robust version. The one I’m taking south is one my father spotted in a piratical Edinburgh antique shop, an oval gate leg table with barley-sugar legs.

Excitements of Edinburgh 1: trams. I took a tram along Princes Street.

Edinburgh tramExcitements of Edinburgh 2: the Great Tapestry of Scotland, on display at the moment in the Parliament building. If you ever get a chance to see this, you should. It’s beautiful in design and detail, and it’s amazing to see the history all in one sweep. Some of the Enlightenment:

and, for the stitching, some Speyside woodland, with bits of the monarchy thrown in:

and, for the magnificence, Scots in India and James Clerk Maxwell’s cosmic beard:


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