Lammas loaf

Spectacularly successful sourdough. On the third attempt; this loaf is at least twice as high as the first two. It may even be twice as high as the first two put together. (You will notice I have not taken pictures of the first two.) This is Andrew Whitley’s Cromarty Cob, a mostly white wheat loaf […]

My mother is saying ‘Now’

St Oswald’s Ashbourne, Friday 30 May 2014 (service and lunch for retired clergy), on these readings  A matter of questions about words and names, says Gallio in the first reading, and he isn’t interested in questions like that. Nonetheless I would like to preach about words, two in particular. The word Now, because in this […]


The view from lunch is Kiloran Bay. Lunch was oatcakes and cheese. I supported the local economy by buying these in the shop.  But the oatcakes are Stockan’s and the cheese is Orkney. See how the economic superpower of the north crushes the struggling indigenous enterprise of the west in its iron grip. To be […]