Walk the Derwent

The River Derwent flows into the Trent south-east of Derby. To walk backwards up the river, or rather (a risk assessment suggests) to walk forwards upstream, the walker resident in Derby takes the train to Long Eaton. From here she may easily reach the Trent and Mersey Canal. In the flat lands of the floodplain, the canal […]

Tales of My Landlady

A Novel by Jedediah Cleishbotham. Discovered in several instalments in May and June 2013. Set in Oxfordshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Orkney. Chapter One It was near the end of the month of May, 20—, when a Scottish gentlewoman, who had just taken leave of absence from her duties in the south, made use of […]

What I have learned II

About wildlife: 1. The bird feeder in the garden has attracted a nuthatch, a goldfinch, a coal tit, and numerous ravenous but invisible birds. Also a squirrel. 2. Peregrines normally have four eggs. My esteemed colleagues, the peregrines who nest on the Cathedral tower, are sensitively attuned to the life of the Church, and laid their […]

An Italian Alphabet: A-P

A is for Aber. ‘Aber du bist so unkompliziert!’ said Johanna to me. Johanna runs the Pension Briol. She is the great-great granddaughter of the person described to me as the Ur-Grossmutter. She thinks I am unkompliziert because I am prepared to walk uphill for ten minutes with a rucksack. She little knows. However, everyone is […]