The Seagull Banner

The 9th/12th Royal Lancers

Like Earl Sigurd in 1014, but travelling by Flybe rather than by longship and without warlike intent, Herself has come from Kirkwall to Dublin. In her train (the 12.35 from Belfast) she brought not a horde of berserker warriors but my namesake Aunt. As all my readers know, it is the thousandth anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf. The raven banner, which in our case we have not got, will be represented by this seagull.

We are residing temporarily in Trinity College; it is very elegant and commodious. Here is a well-maintained sash window and an eighteenth century view.

We have seen a play at the Abbey Theatre, and the Broighter hoard, and the General Post Office, and the Dean of St Patrick’s, and everything that can be seen from the open top bus. Tomorrow we propose to see the Book of Kells. A horde of berserker warriors would be useful for the queue.

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