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Tram tickets in their natural habitat

Tram tickets in their natural habitat

The trams of the Edinburgh Corporation Tramways ceased running in 1956, and the trams of the Glasgow Corporation Tramways in 1962. What happened, then, to the person, or people, who used to travel on the trams reading the works of Sir Walter Scott, the tram ticket being pressed into service as a bookmark? I have already found an Edinburgh ticketĀ and now, having been compelled by my niece or cook to enter a second-hand bookshop, I have acquired a Glasgow ticket inside a copy of Old Mortality.

When the new trams eventually begin to run in Edinburgh I am confident that they will be filled with people deep in the Waverley novels.



U: You’ll have to look out for an Aberdeen tram ticket next!

K: When you can get a tram to Waverley, that will be a novelty indeed.Ā Actually, there is a tram at Waverley already. It doesn’t go anywhere, so the traffic has to funnel to one lane to get past it, creating excitement for cyclists. The work continues, but the temptation must be strong to cut the losses and stop now that they can say the trams have arrived.

H: I don’t compel. I guide sensitively.

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