War Starts At Midnight

Tales of My Landlady
Where to Stay in Scotland


PnP-DEBORAHKERR-BLIMP-JamesMcKechnie-DK-underdeskNobody should panic. I spoke metaphorically; my metaphor was drawn from The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp. It is not war, it is an expedition, it is not heading for London but in the opposite direction entirely, and it will start not at midnight but at five a.m. However, in the film version I will still be played by Deborah Kerr. That’s her under the desk.

It is the Great Northern and Islands Expedition. I have made a list of things to take.

  • the Bailie Nicol Jarvie
  • a Scottish £5 note
  • one earring (seeking reunion with another of the same)
  • clothes
  • warm clothes
  • windproof clothes
  • expeditionary chocolate
  • improving books
  • telecommunications equipment (under the desk)
  • Guy Mannering


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