What I have learned I

What I have learned II
Unintended consequences

vesting priest with apparelled amice 1991About clothes:

1. My new job is heightist. The shortest available cope is sized for someone 5’6″. I am 5’5½”.

2. How to put on a cope: first, observe that copes have appeared in the sacristy. Do not put on your hood. Remain calm. A server will approach you from behind and place a cope around your shoulders (with luck, it will not be longer than 5’6″). The cope is fastened at the front with a hook and chain. Do not unfasten these. If you unfasten these and step forward, the cope will not come with you.

3. The apparelled amice (image from here) is a garment designed by someone who had heard about clothes, but never seen a diagram.

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