What I have learned II

Florence, It's a Lovely Morning
What I have learned I

Peregrine featherAbout wildlife:

1. The bird feeder in the garden has attracted a nuthatch, a goldfinch, a coal tit, and numerous ravenous but invisible birds. Also a squirrel.

2. Peregrines normally have four eggs. My esteemed colleagues, the peregrines who nest on the Cathedral tower, are sensitively attuned to the life of the Church, and laid their first egg just in time for Mothering Sunday. That is a peregrine feather I found outside the west door one Sunday morning, on my way to do the 8.00

3. A mermaid from North Uist has taken up residence with me. She seems quite happy on her pillar. She is perhaps a stylite or eremitic mermaid.Mermaid

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