The curtain fitter has come. He has looked at the enormous window and reeled backward, just as everyone does, just as the curtain estimator did. But the estimator was apparently too overwhelmed to remember to put anything on the paperwork about how tall the window is, so the fitter was unprepared and he will have to […]

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Derby Cathedral, 29 May 2014 (Ascension), on these readings It is difficult – at least, it is for me – to think about what Ascension looks like. There are pictures of it but they end up just as feet disappearing through a cloud. The whole mental picture of the heavens has changed for us – we can’t […]

A passion to deliver

Derby Cathedral, evensong, 6 April 2014 (Lent 5), on these readings. I have been here at the Cathedral for a month now. I spent some time this week studying job advertisements. They sound like this: The ideal candidate will be able to clearly demonstrate successful experience of the position’s requirements, within an aligned environment. Engagement with […]

Uninstalling, reinstalling, installing